Burkhart California

Burkhart CA Promo Video




625 Productions gives you a glimpse into the Los Angeles-based effortlessly chic, casual clothing line inspired by 60's surf culture with a fresh, vibrant feel.

Director-DP / Nathan Lorch

Producer / Milena Ferreira

Editor / Clark Huff


Launched in the beginning of 2013, Burkhart was merely a faint idea the summer prior, when founders Yolanda Pecoraro and Chaffee Graham took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Nicaragua. Yolanda is a travel-lover from the East Coast, who grew up across the street from the beach. Chaffee is a surf enthusiast and California native.

Both were inspired by the laid-back tropical lifestyle, and wanted to offer that relaxation and comfort to modern clothing, focusing on quality fabrics and excellent fit.

Burkhart CA is for travelers, surfers, beach lovers and adventurists.