Mission Statement

We love film, we love art and we love the innovators that create it. Our mission at 625 is to take the written word and mold it into motion whether in the form of film, corporate video or television. We strive to high standards of professionalism but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. Because let’s face it... Hollywood is serious enough and we intend to make it fun. So no matter the project we promise 100% dedication to seeing it through to the best product we can achieve and to have all involved enjoy the process.

Who We Are

Nathan Lorch / Producer/Actor

Nathan has been a film industry buff since the age of 6 when he began his career as a child actor in shows such as 90210, Who’s the Boss and several national commercials.

In 2007 he embarked on his first project behind the camera, producing the award-winning short “Struck.” He traveled the world for two years attending film festivals and meeting other inspiring filmmakers. Attending the Cannes festival was eye-opening and he credits this as the driving force behind his inspiration to continue… and one day, guaranteed, you will see one of the films of 625 Productions on the sunny coast of Cannes, France.

Nathan has since produced dozens of national commercials, one of which won a Telly award in 2013. He has also had the pleasure of collaborating with several other production companies creating TV specs and web series.

Milena Ferreira / Producer/Writer

Books, books and more books, this gal loves to read. At the age of 9 she was already reading high school level material and her parents couldn’t keep up with her. Thank god for the invention of the Kindle.

Her version of “getting in trouble” was sneaking off into the bathroom with a good read instead of doing her chores. Milena found that she could envision the story in her mind, which drove her next love… film!

Watching hundreds of movies, visiting the theatres every weekend, she was swept away upon the stories and the artists that told them. So naturally her love for screenwriting and filmmaking was born.

At the age of 14 she met another like-minded film enthusiast, Nathan Lorch, and their journey together began and continues to this day. Oh… and they got married and are now the proud parents of a feisty little angel and are living happily ever after.

About Us


In 2007 Milena wrote a short script, which 625 Productions produced along with TXL Films. Struck was featured in over 40 festivals world wide and earned over 15 awards and special accolades.

Since then they have been honored to be part of several TV Experimental Pilots, Acting Reels, National Commercials and have more projects in the works.

Other special talents: Nathan is an actor and has been in the industry since the age of 5 with roles on shows such as 90210 and Who's the Boss. He has a passion for being in front of and behind the camera.

Milena also dabbled in acting for several years and did several shorts, student films, musical theatre and a national commercial. Her new love is screenwriting with several scripts in progress.

Who we are: Full service production company ready to take on any project of any size or budget.

Our staff: Nathan Lorch and Milena Ferreira make up the producers of this company with a slew of professionally trained technicians and film professionals to hand.

What we do: Shorts, Features, Corporate videos, Web Series, TV Pilots and more! (We do NOT have anything to do with the adult industry. We have a kid, remember?)

What we don’t do: Promise something we cannot deliver.

Our location: Toluca Lake, CA.

What do people have to say about us?

“One of the greatest producers I’ve ever worked with. No task is too hard and no task is impossible.” —Bodhi Elman, Eleven Man Entertainment
“An absolute pleasure to work with. Manages to stay on top of EVERYTHING, while somehow always keeping things FUN. What a truly smooth production is all about.” —Jimmy Collins, Director
“Commitment, integrity, responsibility, and good nature. This is a very hard combination to find these days. Life is just better when you have good people around you.” —Ben Zarai, Emmy Award-winning Sound Designer and Composer
“Skillful, resourceful, and easy-going -- a very rare combination.” —Taron Lexton, Director
“We absolutely loved working with the team at 625 Productions. They were caring and really seemed to grasp what we wanted to communicate as a new clothing company. I am beyond impressed with the final product!” —Render Clothing